Hope, Healing, Happiness



Treatment Philosophy

Every therapist will have a slightly different clinical style and treatment philosophy based on their theoretical preferences, life experiences, and core beliefs about humanity. A seasoned clinician can use several different techniques with ease to meet the needs to a wider variety of clientele. Each person who enters a therapeutic relationship will have individual needs, goals, emotional awareness, etc. To attempt to meet each person only on a “Behavioralist” level, for example, might only reach a certain portion of a client or clientele, automatically limiting chances for success.

Juracán Center believes that people are complex individuals with multiple layers of thought, behavioral, emotional, and spiritual awareness. To attempt to pigeon-hole a client to fit into a clinician’s preferred style is limiting and less effective. At Juracán Center, the client drives the treatment with the therapist guiding the journey established by the client. The goal and focus of each session is determined by the client. You are in control. Recommendations will be made, but always with respect to what you are ready to manage and accept. Dr. Juracán uses what tools are clinically necessary to meet your needs and desired goals. Each client has the ability to change. No one is doomed to fail. Many times, what a person needs to begin to change is hope and the knowledge that someone understands them. Change happens one day at a time, one client at a time. Let Juracán Center assist you in meeting your personal and relationship goals. It is never too late.