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Here is what a few of the clients are saying about their experience at Juracan Center:

“I really do owe my emotional healing and progress to Dr Juracan. He is a fantastic therapist and person. I will forever be grateful to him.“ T.T. , Highland, July 2016, Divorce issues

“I had tried treatment for my drug addiction for years. No one could help me and I always felt judged. Working with Dr Juracan got me sober. I have 5 years clean now, a healthy marriage and I plan on continuing to do follow up therapy with him to make sure my life stays this way.“ C.F. , Orem, May 2016, Substance Abuse, Marital Problems, Narcissism

“I didn’t believe I was good enough. I hated high school and didn’t date. I never had a girlfriend and thought something was wrong with me, kind of like I was going to be alone forever. Dr J worked with me to learn about both sides of me, and the part I have neglected. Turns out, being shy isn’t as bad as I thought and my girlfriend thinks so too. I am glad my neighbor told my family about Dr J.“ K.O., Lehi, April 2015, Social Anxiety

“We struggled with addiction and control issues. We heard about Dr J from a co-worker who he had helped to improve his marriage. We knew if we didnÕt stop the pattern we were in, our marriage might not make it. After doing couples therapy, we have a better understanding of each other and why we do what we do. Therapy with Dr J was hard but the results were worth it. It was hard to look at ourselves as part of the problem and not the other person. We will come back for follow up sessions yearly to make sure we stay grounded.“ B.B., J.B., Orem, September 2015, Couples Therapy, Opiate Dependency

“Dr Juracan was able to finally diagnose what my daughter was struggling with after several failed attempts with other professionals. He helped her find the right physician for medication and she is doing better than ever. He is a real lifesaver! I tell everyone I can about how he helped my family.“ K.S. Spanish Fork, April 2014, Depression with Psychosis

“Couples therapy was a success....even though the marriage ended, I found myself and why I struggled to find happiness with my husband. I am so grateful Dr Juracan helped me see what was underneath the surface for me. I feel prepared to move forward and know I can be truly happy.“ P.L. Provo, January 2014, Marital Therapy

“My anxiety was destroying my life. I missed so much work, I lost my job. I felt like the worst person on the planet. I came to Juracan Center hoping to ease my anxiety. I found out about how my past created anxiety where none could be present. I am working again and feel like I can get through the day and not panic. Thanks a million!!!“ -G.S. Pleasant Grove, October 2013, Complex Trauma

“My relationship with my husband has changed dramatically. We learned new tools that have helped us communicate better. We are closer emotionally than I ever thought we could be. I cannot thank you enough. You helped us work through the issues I never dreamed we could resolve. Thank you SO MUCH for your insight and patience with us.” -M.B., Orem March 2013

“I didn’t think I could change. I didn’t think things could get better. I was stuck and you saw through my anger into the rest of me. I feel different about things now and you have given me hope for the rest of my life and my marriage. I don’t have to let the demons of my past control my life. I cannot change what happened in my past, but I am aware of who I am now and I can handle the future. You changed my life. Thank you.” -D.O., Orem, December 2012, Sexual Abuse

“It’s been 1 year since I came into your office. I was such a mess that I needed immediate 90 day lock down therapy for my own safety. I now see how BAD of a case I was. I thought you were blowing it out of proportion. I want to thank you for working with me and helping me see who I truly am. I have been clean for a year come March, no relapses no regrets. Thanks to you I am on a new path for the rest of my life. If it weren’t for you I would have lost the very most important parts of me: my beautiful wife, my awesome family, and probably my own life. I can’t thank you enough for the love and support you provided at a time in my life when I was ready for help. You have a very large heart and a lot of patience. Most importantly, you are a professional in your field that others could learn from. You have the gift to see inside ones heart and mind. You will never be forgotten in my house. “ -K.M., American Fork February 2012, Substance Abuse

“I wanted to thank you. You have given me the ability to cope. Some crazy things have happened over the last year since we worked together and I kept using what I learned during our sessions and I got through. I realize how happy I am inside and it shows on the outside. Thank you SO MUCH!” -J.H., Provo, March 2011, Divorce

"Dr Juracan has been immensely helpful to me. He has expertly coached me through one of the most difficult times of my life. He has a caring, respectful, down to earth, easy to understand manner and a vast knowledge of how to treat clients. He loves his work. I would recommend him to anyone. -K.T., Orem, October 2010, Alcohol Dependency, Sexual Abuse, Marital Problems

"…He (Dr. Juracan) is honest, down to earth, caring and understands the importance; the essence of living a productive drug-free life. He is always there to answer questions and help with not only drug-related issues, but other life issues as well."   -B.R., American Fork, Sept 2010, Opiate Dependency

"Coming to Juracan Center changed my life. I never thought I could experience happiness again. I believe in myself now and my relationships are so much better. I would not have made it through this situation without the help I found here." -M.L., Provo, April 2010, Relationship Issues, Low Self-Esteem, Depression

"Underneath all the abuse, hurt and yuck, I found out I was just as happy as I wanted to be. Dr. Juracan made it possible for me to find who I really was. My marriage is better and I am better. Thank you!" -N.M., Draper, November 2009, Sexual Abuse, Marital Problems

"Dr. Juracan gave me hope I am worth fighting for. I feel better and now I trust I can make good decisions for myself and my son. He was compassionate to my situation. He really cared about me." -G.H., Orem, May 2009, Divorce Issues, Low Self-Esteem, Parenting

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