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Self Assesment

Could I Benefit from Working with a Therapist?

Many times, it is difficult to know if the problems and concerns from daily living are just passing by or part of a larger pattern, which can be difficult to alter on your own.  Talking with a seasoned therapist can help determine the nature of the concern and provide unbiased insight into life patterns. 

The following questions are designed to assist you to determine if working with a therapist could benefit the phase of life you are in.  This is not a diagnostic instrument, but rather a guide developed from years of clinical concerns raised by clients as they entered a therapeutic relationship. 

Answering one or more of these questions in the affirmative does not indicate you have a mental illness.  It is simply a tool to help guide your decision.  The more questions you can answer in the affirmative and the more situations you can identify in your own life, the more likely you will benefit from seeing a therapist.

Have you or a loved one...

Had difficulty falling or staying asleep, or experience restless sleep?

Had a weight change of more than 10% (up or down) in the past few months?

Found it difficult to be honest in a relationship?

Felt lonely and have few, if any, close friends?

Found it difficult to stay focused on a task or assignment and you find yourself wandering in your own mind instead of working or studying?

Experienced difficulty in having effective communication with a spouse, child or other loved one?

Struggled with memories of a painful event in the recent or distant past?

Had a problem drinking alcohol, taking pills or using other substances to feel “normal” or just to “get through the day”?

Intentionally avoided people during the day, preferring to be alone and make excuses to not have to leave your home?

Noticed your temper becoming shorter or more volatile, resulting in more arguments or yelling at others?

Recently experienced a major life change, such as:  a move to a new home or town, a change of jobs or careers, started school after a long absence, the death of a loved one, a new birth in the family, or serious medical malady?

Struggled to control or change a behavior which is not consistent with your belief system or which causes problems in your significant relationships?

Failed previous attempts at sobriety from substance use/abuse?

Experienced excessive worry or intense feelings about something that is not changing?

Felt a significant loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities?

Obsessed about weight?

Struggled with the hurt of an affair?